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Elite. Authentic. Relentless.

Our goal is to help the player physically so mentally they are prepared for each rep every game. Detailed Faceoff training from stance, techniques, to winning the ball.


This is our detailed and fast paced faceoff training program. We have weekly skill training sessions taught by Syracuse University Alumni Joe DeMarco. The main focus is on technique, stance, hand speed, and live reps against opponents.

  • Training Routine

  • Prewarmup

  • Faceoff WARMUP:

    • Snaps
    • Coaches Cadence / Exits
    • Partner work
    • Theme of the week
    • Live Rotation
    • Tournament


$1324 Training Sessions

Single Session

$351 Training Session


$31510 Training Sessions

Achieve Your Goals

There are no secrets. We train the proper way over and over until you become the best at it. We will train you on elite and new techniques giving you the ultimate advantage, but only if you completely commit to making yourself better. Lacrosse is a skill sport and at the end of the day, skill and knowledge trump all in the game of lacrosse.