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Small Group / Individual Training

Platform VIP Training

This is our small group training dedicated to shooting skill, footwork and getting yourself to the goal. This training follows a similar model to our Sniper School Training but is limited to groups of 1-6 players. This allows us to drop the price down from a Private Training but also increase the number of reps each player gets. We film each technique at the beginning of each training session so the player can see it. It’s one thing to be told how to fix a technique, its a whole different dimension for the players to see it for themselves.

Cost: $50 / Training Session

VIP Shooting Group — VIP Goalkeeper Group — VIP Women’s Shooting Group

Private Training

This is our 1 v 1 training program. All Private Training sessions are with Coach Dylan Donahue. We specialize in lacrosse skill as it regards to hand skill, shooting and scoring goals. We are able to get very detailed with technique, shooting style, footwork and different shot types in these training sessions.

$80 / 1-Hour Training Session

$50 / 30-Minute Training Session


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