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Skill Training Academy


Our mission is to develop elite skills in athletes. Through our skill academy we train the details and specific skills of each position every week. There are no secrets, we train the proper way, every time, over and over again until we are the BEST at it. Each week our athletes get hundreds of reps through detailed and carefully thought out practice plans.


This is our Weekly Skill Training option for any athlete looking to take their shooting efficiency, faceoff percentage, save percentage, or defensive skill to the next level. We do not run clinics, we run training sessions that focus on the key details every single week and then allow you to practice the reps you need in front of National Championship winning coaches. We believe in consistency and that is why we offer training sessions every single week all year long. A typical day looks like this:


Hand-skill work – Foot Speed Work – Detailed explanation to the day’s focus


Preview today’s techniques – Reps, reps, reps – Critique each technique until it is perfected – More reps


Final skill training – Competition/Burnout

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