We specialize our training to stay focused on every single detail. The Platform is the #1 Lacrosse Skill Training Club. We pride ourselves on focusing on training the details for shooting, faceoff technique, defensive foot and hand skill, and goalie technique. Each is taught by a coach specialized to that position. If you want to be the best shooter, this is where you train. If you want to have the most consistent defensive techniques, this is where you train. If you want to be quicker and out technique your opponents on faceoffs, this is where you train. If you want to be the quickest to saving each lacrosse ball, this is where you train. Don’t settle.

Achieve Your Goals

This is elite skill training. We do not broaden our training sessions to try and accommodate everyone or everything there is in lacrosse. We train the details of each skill. Shooters train here to develop the best scoring techniques possible. Defensemen train here to make their skills unmatched when facing their opponent. Faceoff athletes train here to develop the most pristine technique they can. Goalies train here to eliminate every flaw from their technique. We stay true to every skill so that we can focus on every detail possible. Our goal is to make you the very best at these skills. 



Most Recent News

We just released our Platform Academy Training App. This allows you to take our training home with you for that extra practice. We took our huge drill library, broke it down into sections, filmed video clips and directions for setup. We not only put the drills together for you at home, but we scheduled out when you should do them, how many reps you should be performing and what you should be focusing on. Check out our options at the link to the side! Email us and we can send directions and the link to download the app, or just pick your option on our trainerize.com site! We will also be having demonstration sessions at our skill training sessions on Sundays.


Elite. Skill. Training.

Tailored To Each Athlete


Elite Skill Training – Specific to your position! Check out our training options and coaches