Weekly Skill Development


Our Weekly Skill Training option for any athlete looking to take their shooting efficiency, faceoff percentage, save percentage, or defensive skill to the next level.

We focus on the key details every single week and then allow you to practice the reps you need in front of National Championship winning coaches. We believe in consistency and that is why we offer training sessions every single week all year long. A typical day looks like this:

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8 Dynamic Classes

Where Scorers Train

Boys, Girls, Men, Women

Elite offensive skill training specifically designed to enhance the scoring skills of each lacrosse player. Elite. Authentic. Relentless.


Boys, Girls, Men, Women

Elite Goalkeeper Skill Training. We train the details of hand speed, footwork, angles, communication and much more.


Boys, Men

Elite Defensive Skill Training. Our main focus is on footwork, positioning, hand skill and communication.

Boys, Girls, Men, Women

Dodge School focuses on the nitty gritty details that go into beating your defender in 1v1 situations. Our main focus is on learning concepts that you can use to beat your defenders all over the field, not just 1 specific style of dodging.


Boys, Girls, Men, Women

Our focus will be on handling the ball from elite stickhandling to catching every pass thrown your way. We believe in the foundations of lacrosse and your hands are an area you should be working on every week!


Boys, GIrls, Men, Women

We need to be able to draw a slide, see our open teammates, get our hands free to make a high quality pass, and make the play! We will be working on the specific skills to make the passes happen along with the next level skills such as no look passes, skip passes, seeing the passing lanes and even creating a passing lane.


Boys, Men

This is our day to compete at the Platform. We will do a combination of working on 1v1's, 2v2's, 3v3's, on ball picks, off-ball pick work, odd man situations, and many other individual and competition type situations you see on the lacrosse field.

Strong foundations

Boys, Girls

Small group skill training for Elementary aged kids. High energy, educational and fun 35 minutes skill session for ALL POSITIONS! Designed to introduce/focus on the key skills that every youth player needs to have in order to build confidence in their own game.

Affordable Pricing

Youth Single Session


Single Session


4 Sessions (youth)


4 Sessions


1 Mo

$210 / mo

10 Sessions


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